Welcome to the latest addition to Supersmall Gallery!

Lisa Supersmall is pleased to present this special collectors' contribution page! Of course, Chris Wright has some very talented collectors, so what better way to extend our thanks than to give you all your own forum. Collectors contributions are sincerely appreciated. Show us your display of Chris Wright artwork. Send us pictures of the products of your creative endeavors. Share any profound reflections on the artwork of Canadian genius, Christopher Wright.

A special thanks to our very first contributor to the supersmall galleries Ring of People page, El-zap0 from Kansas!

A tasteful display of two Classic Chris Wright Limited Edition prints, accompanied by the brilliance of El-Zap0.


Another fine display of "Ovo-Lacto-Fisho" and "Tattooed Enigma" and El-Zap0.


Another tasteful arrangement of Chris Wright artwork.

"Ovo-Lacto-Fisho" and a surreal time piece by El-Zap0.

El-Zap0 is a tattoo artist. Here is yet another example of his work.

"Tattooed Enigma" displayed with the most unique clock we have ever seen. Again, El-Zap0 and Mr.Wright.

"Rom" 1987 acrylic on masonite - our friend El-Zap0.

A brilliant billboard from 2000 by El-Zap0. Paint on plywood.


Our latest submission is from Wendy in Vancouver - Wendy has been kind enough to send us a picture of "Mona Lisa Revealed" as displayed in her bathroom. Wendy must have one of the classiest bathrooms around!

This is your page collectors - What do you want to see here? Supersmall Galleries always appreciates your comments and suggestions.

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