The Print of the Month Club

Supersmall gallery is currently offering collectors an opportunity to join the "The Print of the Month Club"!

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Here is your opportunity to become a privileged member of the brand new print of the month club.

As a print of the month club member, you will receive a print for each month of the year! Yes, that's right - twelve Chris Wright collectible art prints distributed throughout the year!

And if this isn't crazy enough for you read on!

Members of the print of the month club will also receive an original, one of a kind, Chris Wright artwork!

Imagine that! Twelve Chris Wright Limited Edition Prints AND an original piece of artwork!

You will also be given access to the collectors database - here you will see exclusive deals, very rare pieces, great pricing and a secret glimpse into the world of Chris Wright!

What a deal!

What an opportunity!

To summarize, you will receive a total of Twelve Chris Wright Limited Edition Prints, One Original Chris Wright artwork and access to the collectors private database.

A wide range of styles. A Different Print for each month of the year! It will be just like Christmas, because each package will be a wonderful surprise for you!

Take advantage of our special introductory offer. Become a member of the print of the month club today for only $250.00US.

And here's what some of our collectors have been saying......

  • THE BEST JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAA++++++
  • Fabulous experience
  • "I used to feel like such a loser, but Chris Wright artwork has changed all that! Now when my guests come over they marvel over my artistic judgment. Indeed they are green with envy!
  • wayoutart4wayoutfolks,andrealpeopleservingrealpeople2 gold star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Most creative artist ever!!! .. Have about 13 Prints!! Must see!! a Pleasure
  • art for the fatty brain
  • Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!! Such a beautiful I want more:)
  • One word is not good enough ace brill a true international user on the net
  • Beautiful!This seller/artist is recommended to all species!We are pleased!
  • Great stuff!!!! They smell great!!??? I mean look great.........
  • Pleased with quality and "canvas look" of print. Great packaging-shipping.
  • Another interesting piece by Mr. Wright... not your average art or artist!
  • I run out of words of praise his work is so good!

Twelve different prints will be sent throughout the year. Established collectors of Chris Wright artwork need not feel left out either - Our current collectors can rest assured that we will do our best to see that they do not receive duplicate prints. Add to your Chris Wright collection, or begin your investment.

Chris Wright Limited Edition Prints are reproduced on fine quality thick stock paper. All images include a white border, making them ideal for matting and framing.

Buyer is to pay all shipping costs. All prints are shipped flat, and wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap. Estimated shipping cost per mailing - express shipping costs to Canada are $12.00US, insurance included. Airmail to the US is $12.00US without insurance and $14.00US with insurance. International bidders please email for a quote.

Please make note that the winning bidder pays the above costs per shipment - we recommend tri-monthly mailings. Shipping costs may also vary depending on your location. Don't hesitate to email if you have any questions!

Please contact Lisa Supersmall to become a member of the Chris Wright print of the month club. Coming soon, The Print of the Month Club Members Page......



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